CP codes for penguin storm 12

These codes have been tested to please don’t copy.

345 Blue floaties (hand item)

121 green sunglasses (Face item)

The ones below are from Chubaj on Club Penguin or Chubaj1 on Youtube.

101 Sunglasses (face item)

103 3D glasses (face item)

355 Orange floaties (hand item)

215 life jacket (body item)

204 Astro barrier t-shirt (body item)

221 black hoodie (body item)

352 black shoes (foot item)

357 blue shoes (foot item)
WAU_colored(‘d4l1gtjgsp1w’, ‘dda6cc000000’)


6 Responses to “CP codes for penguin storm 12”

  1. Club Penguin Ovay Says:

    Thanks Chu

  2. karatechop2 Says:

    didn’t work mate

  3. Tanji Says:

    wb furniture?

  4. Jan Nielsen G. AƱonuevo Says:

    This codes are not perfect. This codes are not complete

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