CP Cheats Warnings and precautions

If  you use penguin storm (made by microchip123) then you proablly know your taking a HUGE risk. What’s this risk? Well first of all you will be banned forever if you are caught.  Second, I have tested everything I post up here out on my own penguins. I cannot guarentee that you will not get banned though, because they may have put up more moderators at the time you try it out. From my own expierences I’d suggest that you get a test penguin as well. You try storm out on them. So far my test penguins have not gotten banned and only my main one has. This may sound stupid but it’s true BE EXTRA CAREFUL WHEN A SPECIAL PENGUIN RUN BY MODERATORS .(ROCKHOPPER, CANDENCE, GARY, AUNT ARTIC, ETC)  I once used penguin storm while talking to Sensi and got a warning bann, of course I could continue playing cp and it didn’t actually go on my banned records. Rockhopper is not a penguin run by diseny people.  He is ALWAYS programmed and is only programmed to reconigize certain questions. Such as “tell me a story Rockhopper” and “how are you, Rockhopper”.   I will sometimes put little notes in my pages about some random stuff.  (Random fact of the day. Some of my friends and I talked to Sensi, we were on Tobaggon and the ninja hide out wasn’t crowded, we got to talk to him alone. One of the questions we asked him was if he’d ever met Rockhopper, his reply was “yes I have, but I don’t know him very well.” He isn’t programmed and is run by a Disney employee.) Well that’s all for now.

Waddle around and meet new friends.



One Response to “CP Cheats Warnings and precautions”

  1. Tagtim Says:

    hi this website is soooo cool
    i learned soo much!!!!!!!!

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