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Rockhopper left! ):

January 1, 2010

The Migrator left (with Rockhopper in it)

Sadly Rockhopper left.  It’s okay if your afraid that you didn’t get the background. The background he was giving out was the same as the one he gave out at the Fair. But if you didn’t get to see him at the Fair either, you will be able to get it next time he gives Club Penguin a visit. I myself was very disappointed when I clicked to get the background and it said I already had the item. I had gotten it back when the Fair was in Club Penguin. (It was the first Fair I’d ever been to on Club Penguin) I hope he comes back soon.

See ya on Club Penguin,



The game site of 2010!! CHECK IT OUT!

December 26, 2009 is the game site of the year! On it is Club Penguin, and some other really fun games! It’s good for a gloomy inside day. My top 3 favourite games on there are,                                                       

1. Club Penguin

2. Papa louie

3. On the run

P.S. If you want to support this site then please E-mail this link to some people.

Thanks for all the views.

-Ovay- (More views = more contests)

The Club Penguin Game for Ds.

December 24, 2009

On the Club Penguin game for Ds. there is a game where you have to reach goals in a big snow plow. The snow plow can have sail, which allows you to go across the water, and it can also be in a indestructible mode where it can run into tree stumps without getting the damage you can get on regular mode. On the regular mode you can go faster than the other modes, but the best thing is you can switch from sail, to indestructible, to normal all in the midst of a game. You can also download coins that you earn on your Ds. to your own cp account wireless. The game comes with a code, and if you unlock that code you can get some coins and a certificate, but the best part is you can enter the Command Room. The Command room’s entrance is a closet in the HQ.  But now Disney is going to make a game like the snow plow one on Club Penguin so we all can play it on our computers, even if you don’t have the Ds. game! Waddle on and have fun.


Latest news and some contest info

November 18, 2009

The new pin is a snowman and is in the Lodge attic.  (Also, if you bought the Coins For Change donation box to put in your igloo, you can only use it during the Coins For Change party) You can get a free Santa hat in the Ski Village.

There also is a Special game in the Lounge, where you can win a Santa suit!

I also will be having a Restaurant contest! You can send me a pic of your restaurant, and the people in it. Or if you can, you can invite me to your restaurant and I will see for myself. I will post the picture of the winner here! If your interested in joining the contest you can pm on Youtube if you already know me on there or E-mail me at

Warmest regards,


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